Separate Everything Into Two Parts

Two-Dimensional Stills

You have these incredible panoramic views of marvelous, marvelous static shots, so it's like, "this is the city", and even so, even if you have the city, the city will go off in the distance, you got a horizon here, you've got your 3-D space first of all, (I am going to make it here instead.) If you have these incredible panoramic shots the first thing you usually do is 2-dimensional stills from artists who are good at being able to figure out what it is to make a city view in 3 dimensions. So whoever is doing this, can do this with any art product that they're comfortable with, Photoshop, Illustrator, there used to be a couple more, (Fireworks I think is one), so a lot of these static shots that are available are the ones that set the scene in the first place.