The Animation Pipeline

The Story

The Verbal Element

There are people who like to work from the VERBAL element. And, the verbal element is the SCRIPT itself.

The script is like a screenplay, in that it contains more than what the characters say. It also describes how the characters stand and move on the screen. A really elaborate screenplay also contains descriptions of the scenery, but for the most part we will reserve that for the visual element.

How does the game move the character from here to there? The script includes items like screen images or rooms, and the number of levels that the game contains. Every level of the game should have a different script.

Now so far in Project Fun, our games have had a Win level and a Lose level. I think some of you might have created games where the next level is the same place geographically but more difficult to play.

This is not the same as other 3-D games where a new level might be altogether someplace else. Some game engines differentiate between rooms and levels, and the terminology may not be standard from engine to engine.