Most references were included during our discussion. A few sources were added for clarity, or for more information.

Wonderful Tremendous Facts
Adobe Creative SuitePhotoshop
Advanced 3D Game Building Software
Apple Computer CompatiblesApple Computers
Autodesk Mesh ModelingMesh
Browser CapabilitiesWhat You Can Expect Your Browser to Do
Career and Technical Education for 25 high schoolsNew Market Skills Center.
College and Career Videogame ClassesDigiPen WaNIC Academy
Digital Photography TechniquesDigital Photography Tutorial
Easy 3D Game Building Software TutorialUnity
First Person Adventure Video GameMinecraft
First Person Shooter Video GameHalo
House PlansBuilding a Cottage
IBM CompatibleIBM Compatible
Microsoft XBOXMicrosoft XBOX
Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, and WiiUNintendo
Proprietary Student Game EngineProject Fun
Some DefinitionsWikipedia
Sony PlayStationSony
Textbook on which the lecture was loosely based (Game Elements, Collision Engines)DigiPen Institute of Technology
Valve SoftwarePortal 2
Washington Network for Innovative CareersWaNIC