About After World Domination

Made by
Yvonne V. Richardson, BSCS, M. Ed.
Lake Washington Technical College
Web and Mobile Design Class

The Company

After World Domination (AWD) is a fictitious indie app development company. Their mission statement is “We have a better mission than Bungie because our kids need to go home and their parents are watching”. Their target audience is teenagers and young 20’s – old enough to have spending money but young enough to appreciate fewer than 256 million colors. The company enjoys developing game applications, but it was important to have a company division that sells the apps to customers. There is another department that maintains relationships with customers. AWD would like to do its own distribution before it takes on larger markets.

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The Web Page
AWD Request

Web page development will be performed in a phased approach. Specific pages will be developed first; there may be other pages after the initial concept is approved, and prototypes made for the various computing platforms.

Web page platforms are phone, tablet, and desktop. In an effort to engage with as many markets as possible, the devices that have been chosen for initial development are the Samsung Galaxy Phone, the Nexus 7 Android tablet, and the iMac Retina largescreen desktop.


After several years as a Web developer, I had the opportunity to take a class in Web and Mobile Design. Some of the students had not planned to go beyond the creation of a paper portfolio, but I created a real site with class project. Educational Fair Use Law allows the use of images in the project and the Web site for about 3 years, for as long as credit is given.

The AWD Web Page is a shopping cart and customer support center. Its interaction is partially based on where the buttons and links are displayed on the world that is the background. The Home Page is divided into three sections: product specials and features are in the northern hemisphere, the product catalog spins at the equator, and those who would like more information on gaming and accessories can use the southern hemisphere to browse as long as they want.

This prototype site is not associated with a real product catalog. The Order Buttons and the Product Support button all use the same product page, instead of allowing the user to order the product they selected. Actual product content and images can be displayed using the same Web pages after the product database is created.

AWD Web Page Publication Information

Date VersionDescriptionDetails
9/17/20151.0Initial ReleaseSite supports Firefox

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The following are sites that were helpful in creating this Web site.

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